Easter Sunday Early Brunch Menu 2020

(10H00 to 12H30)


Breakfast selection (10H00 to 12h30)

Array of Breakfast Favourites
varieties of breads, pastries and Danishes
homemade Jams & compotes, marmalades & spreads
Nutella, peanut butter, cream cheese
seasonal fruit selection, cereals and yoghurts / low fat plain


Vegan Bircher Muesli station

Coconut Vegan yoghurt

Granny smith apple, dried cranberries, cinnamon, toasted almonds, homemade rolled Oats


Salad from the garden (open with 3 add 2 at 13H00)

Heirloom Tomato, buffalo mozzarella & extra virgin olive oil
Fired Chicken Caesar Salad, white anchovy & garlic crouton
Salad of Anti pasti, pine nuts, basil pesto & balsamico
Baked Pear, goats’ cheese, walnuts, radicchio
Melon & Bresaola, burrata, basil, olive oil



Caesar dressing / Olive oil & balsamic / Basil pesto


Micro Foraging Salads (open with 3 add 1 at 13H30)

Char Stone fruit, burrata, mint & basil
Butter bean salad, white pepper, onion & parsley
Pumpkin & lentil salad, cranberries, arugula & toasted pumpkin seeds
Poached Summer leeks, crispy poached eggs, caper mayonnaise, parmesan cheese
Cauliflower rice salad, parsley, lemon, olive oil, pine nuts & raisins


Vegan Foraging (open with 3 add 1 at 13H30)

Kale & butter quinoa tabbouleh salad, lime, mint & sesame seeds
Charred baby Carrot, sultanas, toasted peanuts, humus dip
Broad bean salad, marjoram, lemon olive oil, red onion
Blue gum honey roast Beets, plums & pickled onions,
“Greek salad” pomegranate seeds


Raspberry vinaigrette / Red wine vinaigrette / citrus vinaigrette


Live Station (opened to Close)

Selection Sushi and condiments
Freshly chucked Mandela bay oysters with condiments



soy sauce, pickle ginger, wasabi, mignonette dressing

Cured, Smoked, & Raw bar

Cured Salmon
Teriyaki Prawns
Fired Angus Beef fillet



cape grain mustard mayonnaise / tartar sauce / horseradish / seaweed mayonnaise


Local Artisan Cheese Table

Selection of cheese
Brie cheese, cumin cheese, wild garlic cheese, goat’s cheese, blue cheese
Accompanied by
homemade fruit compote, preserves, lavash and crackers


Selection of Easter inspired Chocolate desserts display

Carrot Bundt cake
Easter rocky road
White chocolate eggs with Mango/ passionfruit ‘yolk’
The Westcliff hot cross buns
Rainbow panna cotta
Mini red velvet cupcakes
Lemon Meringue nests
Vegan Banana bread
Easter cookies
Dunked Smoors
Pastel macarons
Upside down pineapple cake


Live station

Madagascar Vanilla ice cream
Easter Bubble waffle station


Cellar Door

“Madagascar” Bambinos!!!
Madagascar vanilla ice cream with a story
Candy floss


Chef demo

Candy floss ice cream roll
Easter bunnies

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