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Caviar Giaveri

Caviar Giaveri is the true expression of a forty year passion for excellence in fish farming. It is an authentic and genuine, part of the Italian gastronomic culture that has adopted this Russian tradition. Giaveri farms produce the caviar on its own fish farms, protected and controlled to maintain the equilibrium of the species. Modern fish farming technologies make the facilities ecologically sustainable and safeguard the superb Russian sturgeon, which live almost as they would in the wild.

The traditional Russian method ‘’MALOSSOL’’ is used in production.

Siberian Imperial
R 1995

Notable for its pleasant texture, dark brown colour, freshness and slight iodine flavour. (15 grams)

Osietra Imperial
R 2250

Perfectly identical crisp grains with an intense golden brown colour and a lasting taste of refined flavour.(15 grams)

Beluga Siberian
R 3675

The most exclusive and delicious with its own unique flavour. The dark brown colour matches the characteristics of its delicate and buttery flavour. The minimum salting and the delicate taste of Beluga are surely a whim for the most demanding palate. (15 grams)

Served with a garnish of blinis, egg yolk, egg white, chives, red onion and crème fraiche

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