Vegetarian tasting menu


Textures of beetroot, avocado, juniper, black melba


Tofu, chawanmushi, dashi, kimchi, radish, mushroom, bok choy


Textures of cauliflower, cauliflower heart, hazelnut, parmesan, coriander, roast garlic


Carrot assiette, lubneh, coriander, cashew, tomato, leeks

Jelly and Custard

White chocolate, raspberry, pistachio

Quince & Honey

Vanilla crème brulee with honey whiskey, caramel, raspberry cells and ginger sorbet

Coffee, tea and mignardises

Tasting menu
ZAR 850
View wine pairing
ZAR 595
Local wine pairing
ZAR 495
Local vineyard pairing
ZAR 395
Tea pairing
ZAR 225
Additional cheese course
ZAR 150

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